Is Cloud Computing Hurting Your Business?

Cloud computing is on everybody’s lips these days. It certainly has the potential to transform your business for the better, in some cases dramatically.

While most business owners still struggle to understand what cloud computing is, most business software vendors do their level best to confuse the issue further and maximise their profits from leaving their clients in the dark about the real pitfalls.

Let me touch on some of the main issues here:

  • Integrated vs. Fragmented: There are only a very few real integrated business cloud computing providers on the market, most only supply one application and then connect to third party solution providers in order to give clients what they need. The problems with this clients do not get what they need, since the connection to the third party vendor is at best insufficient. You will end up with duplicate customer records that do not match up.
  • Problem Resolution: With more vendors in the mix you get the ‘blame someone else’ game. You as the damaged party and customer sit in the middle and often are helpless.
  • Different User Interfaces: Instead of learning how to use one software product you’ll have to learn many, costing you time you’d be better off spending with your clients.
  • Higher Cost: Invariably paying multiple vendors  means a higher cost to you for a inferior I.T. setup.

Even if you only need one application today, you should be looking for an integrated software solution, that allows you to grow in size and complexity.

When your advisors start talking about APIs, do yourself a favour, walk away.

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