Is Business DIY Killing Your Business, Too?

Are you one of those business owners who thinks that doing everything yourself is good for your business finances and your business? If the answer to that is ‘yes’, then I suggest your business could be a failure waiting to happen.

You started your business surely in order to make money. Hopefully you’ll feel passionate about what you do, as that often translates into getting business and inspiring your clients.

One of the things you should have learned by now is, that TIME is your most precious resource, not money, TIME.

It then stands to reason, that the more time you spend on non-core business tasks, the more likely it is your business will fail.

As a business owner your top priority is to generate business. You can’t do that by doing your bookkeeping or a badly designed website. The only way to do that is to connect with your clients and engage with new potential customers!

While you may believe you are working hard to make things work, in reality you are just keeping busy, wasting you most precious resource TIME.

If you can’t generate more business during the time you normally use to do your admin, then there is something wrong with your business model and ultimately, I sorry to say, your business.

Let me know in the comments what you do to minimise your time-wasting on business admin.

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