5 reasons why you should use a business storage company

5 reasons why you should use a business storage company

Space saving solution

If your business is looking cluttered or if you do not regularly use items such as furniture or files, using a business storage company can be an effective solution in freeing up space. Look around your current working environment to ascertain whether you actually do need larger premises or if storage could work. Not only does storage work as a space saving solution, it can be a cost effective way of maximising your work space, as cost per square metre is significantly lower than commercial premises.

Document security

Safe and secure storage of sensitive or confidential data is essential for any business. Human resources departments should keep personnel files for at least 6 years after an employee has left and current staff data may have to be stored indefinitely. Accountancy firms can find themselves overloaded with tax return folders, which may just be gathering dust in the office. Business storage facilities offer dedicated document secure units designed to be warm and dry therefore reducing damage from damp.

Flexible terms

For many businesses, trade is seasonal for example Sussex is a predominantly coastal county where trade is reliant on tourism. Using business storage in Sussex is a cost effective solution for businesses such as market traders to store excess stock during low season or as an alternative to their home. Seaside businesses often use storage to hold outdoor seating equipment reducing wear and tear during winter. Short-term contracts ranging starting from one-week duration are typically available with notice periods to vacate at short notice the norm. These flexible, low commitment terms can be a huge advantage to businesses requiring short-term solutions.

Easy access

Most storage units have easy access outside of business hours. The main reception is usually manned until early evening; however, users can enter their unit using a security keypad code or swipe card. Many facilities open between 7am and 8am remaining open for access until 9 or 10pm during the week with reduced access hours at weekends. This can be advantageous in terms of not having to leave your regular business premises early and interrupting work flow.

Interim expansion

Choosing a storage unit can be a good interim expansion solution. If your business is growing but the risk is too high to commit to a lease on larger premises then storing items not used on a regular basis can be a temporary measure until finances dictate you are ready to move.

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