High Speed Internet, Not HS2, Is What Business Needs!

High Speed Internet, Not HS2, Is What Business Needs!

When BT spent £780m on their sports channel I was speechless.

Here is a company losing total business focus, while failing the business community in Great Britain in almost every street. The internet service provided in the UK is appalling at best. I note the price for the sports channel is already dropping. I guess the uptake is not as expected.

IMO, most ISP’s are miss-selling their Internet connections with the words ‘totally unlimited’ broadband! OfCom just watches and does nothing as consumers and businesses are ripped off. But is this the end of the story?

Unfortunately it is not! This poor level of Internet connectivity damages our economy every day. Connections drop or time out, routes to UK servers are routed via the US, and the list goes on. Customer service is shocking, to say the least.

The UK government subsidises BT with millions every year – why? You can’t get BT Infinity (don’t you love the marketing spin – ‘Infinity’) even in parts of London, like Park Royal for instance. More than that, these areas are not even in the planning to be upgraded.

As if we ever needed more proof that our Government has no idea what the country needs to compete, export and grow our economy, it is willing to spend more than £40bn on a high speed rail link – HS2?

How is that going to help the wider business community? How is that going to help a micro business or any business for that matter, to export? Most business is being conducted online these days.

Why not spend the money and put in a publicly owned super high-speed Internet infrastructure that is run independently of telcos, allowing local providers to connect to and give them the right to use a BT interconnect and/or public Wi-Fi for the last mile service? Lets have some innovation via competition and make the UK fit and really open for business.

But this is all is just my opinion, what do you think?

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