Top 5 Tips for Content Marketing


Content marketing is a low-cost and effective way of spreading the message about your business online. If you don’t have a budget to promote your small or micro business, it is still possible to attract an audience by providing content that people will want to read and share with friends. Here are our Top 5 Tips for content marketing:

1. Firstly (and most importantly) it is essential that you understand your audience. Take a look at the searches people use to visit your website and start designing content around those topics. This should make even it easier for them to find your business online.

2. Even if you can’t write well, content marketing is still an option for you. It doesn’t cost that much to have content tailored for your website. The writer will create content to very specific guidelines if you want – but make sure you vet the content provider before working with them and don’t pay them until you are satisfied with what they have written.

3. Once you have your content ready, make sure you are not limiting its usefulness by publishing it on a website or blog that is poorly designed. You might know that Google will penalise your content if it is badly written or stuffed with keywords, but they will also inadvertently punish websites that make it difficult for GoogleBot to crawl. They won’t be able to index them correctly and this is why search engine optimisation is important.

4. Promoting your content on social media is integral to any content marketing strategy. In order to get eyeballs on your content, you will need to share it over social media to generate retweets, likes and ultimately more views. The more viral your content gets, the better it is for your business!

5. Now you’ve started, it is important to keep going. Building an audience for your output is difficult and retaining them will be even harder, but do remember that great content will be evergreen – even posts that are five years old can still generate significant traffic and get new viewers every day. Think very carefully before deleting old content as it might still have relevance to someone.

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