5 Classic Small Business Apps Still Worthy Of Your Attention

5 Classic Small Business Apps Still Worthy Of Your Attention

Mobile apps are savvy tools that help can help entrepreneurs and small businesses alike remain organized, connected and visible. There are endless smartphone apps available, and new tools are emerging on a daily basis. It can often be tricky to cut through the clutter and understand which ones are essential for you. We’re going back to basics, highlighting 5 classic apps that can firmly root your business on the road to success.

1) Documents to Go DocumentsToGo
Price: (£6.99)

Most Smartphone devices will allow you to view Microsoft Word and Excel documents, but the ability to edit and create your own documents on the go can be essential when operating as a small business. With access to a number of formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF, this app is ideal for small businesses that rely on standard office software.

2) SkypeSkype
Price: Free

Strong internal and external communication is pivotal in all business. Communication on the go is simple and convenient with Skype. With around 300 million users, Skype is one of the world’s leading mobile apps, and can be accessed on many devices including computers, tablets, smart phones, and some gaming consoles. Skype can be used anywhere with wifi or mobile data, and is often a cheaper alternative to phone calls.

3) WordPressWordPress
Price: Free

In a digital age, every new business needs a digital presence. WordPress is a free, SEO friendly, CMS software which allows user to develop and manage a small website or blog. Business news and content updates are helpful to clients and customers and the growing need for regular web and content updates makes an app like WordPress effective for maintaining business news. The mobile app itself makes it easy for you to continually manage your website on the go.

4) Sage Record KeeperSage
Price: Free

Good accounting is vital for any business, and the Sage Record Keeper mobile app allows you quick and convenient control. Sage Record Keeper is simple and efficient. You can see how income and expenses on the go, instantly see your cash balances and set deadline reminders to avoid paying penalties. Another handy feature, you can also keep pictures of receipts with this app – keeping you organized for the year end.

5) TwitterTwitter
Price: Free

With around 500 million users, Twitter is often regarded as the lifeblood of the social web. Having a presence on Twitter will allows small businesses to publish short updates and connect in real time with a number of users, including consumers, journalists and other businesses alike. Twitter is a networking tool offering a wealth of perks, including market research, amplified communication brand promotion and effective CRM.

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