Green and clean: why should your office recycle?

Green and clean: why should your office recycle?

For the average office worker, a lot of time is spent sat behind a desk in a familiar space. In fact, a report from last year revealed that the average British office worker now spend almost as much time of their day sat at their desk as they do asleep – totalling 5 hours 41 minutes.

Add onto that the fact that they spend around 2.5 hours on email everyday (equivalent to 18 days a year) and you can see why it’s important to give them a safe and clean environment in which to work.

With this in mind, putting your office firmly behind the green revolution is highly important. Recycling is just one way in which you can create a calm and relaxing atmosphere for your staff – and here some of the other reasons you should invest in it.

To reduce waste

By their very nature, offices make a lot of waste. This is a combination of both general office productivity and the various workers that come in and out every day.

This waste is generally composed of paper, cardboard and plastics all of which can be recycled. By choosing to invest in a recycling service for your office, you can reduce the amount of waste you contribute to the world.

To boost your reputation

Every business is a brand and how you operate will affect the opinion others have of you. To give your customers and clients the right impression, demonstrating eco-awareness is a must. This means that something as simple as recycling your waste could boost your reputation and brand identity for the better. Similarly, failing to recycle or treat your office waste seriously could result in severe damage to your reputation and even financial penalties.

To keep staff happy

It’s not just your customers who are interested in how green you are – your employees are likely to care too. Keep them happy by proving that you’re a conscientious employer who protects the environment in any way possible. By doing this you will make them proud to work for you, something which can lead to glowing testimonials for your company when they discuss their work with others.

Remember, your staff are your best salesmen and keeping them on-side with your eco-initiatives could make more of a difference than you realise. Get their input on strategies which can be implemented to make your office even greener and consider all of your options for recycling waste.

It was recently reported that a lot of businesses aren’t aware of the options for electronic recycling (mobile phones, computers and so on) which prompted the service to be offered at America Recycles Days. This may be something you want to consider as well so make sure you’re not throwing items away unnecessarily when a suitable recycling service exists.

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