Top 5 Tips for Strategic Hiring


Unless you are hiring someone as part of a strategic plan to improve your business in the long-term, actually hiring them at all might be a mistake. Too often, people are brought into a business and their presence just makes things worse rather than improving things. Here are our Top 5 Tips for being more strategic about your hiring process:

1. Start by looking at the people who are currently at your company. You probably have a good idea of the people who are your best employees, so think a bit more deeply about why they have been so successful with you. Is there something different in the way you selected them or nurtured their talent which enabled them to do well?

2. You should also think about the skills and competencies that your best employees have and some of these attributes should form the basis of your person specification when you create your search parameters.

3. Think carefully about where you want your business to be in another year, three years and five years respectively. What sort of people will you need at these points? Once you can start visualising the type of people you are going to require and their skillsets you can start planning when you will need to find people to fill those roles.

4. Be realistic about the type of people you can hire. As a small business, your talent pool is considerably smaller than a large organisation. Any highly talented graduates are not likely to stick around very long unless there is real potential for growth with your business. You’ll need to share your vision with them and convince them it can be achieved.

5. The questions you ask of candidates during the interview will be crucial. Find out what they think their last few bosses / tutors would say that their strengths and weaknesses are and what their greatest achievements have been to date. This is a useful trick that will help you learn more about their personality and whether they are humble or arrogant.

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