Infographic: Background Checks

When you are business it is sometimes to necessary to be able to find out additional information about the people or companies you are dealing with.

In the US, it is now common practice for employers to conduct background checks on the people they are thinking about hiring. An estimated 73% of them are now using checking services to vet every single person they hire – not just those applying for management roles.

But hiring employees is not the only reason why a small business owner might need to run a background check. If they are in the property business as a landlord, they will need to run a check on potential tenants. Business owners in other industries might even have cause to want to conduct checks on your suppliers or customers using data from Companies House or the US equivalent.

Today’s infographic contains a lot of statistics about this trend for conducting background checks. Have you ever had to conduct an identity check in your capacity as a small business owner? Let us know in the comments section.

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