Top 5 Tips for Following Up


By now you will be aware about whether or not your efforts to make Small Business Saturday into a successful event for your business were actually successful. But, assuming that you managed to draw people into buying from your online store or in person, how are you planning to capitalise on that momentum? Here are our Top 5 Tips for following up on potential leads:

1. Hopefully you managed to get them to sign up to your mailing list, either through making a purchase with you online or filling in their details in-store. If not, in future it is essential that you do this. Offer incentives such as prize draws so that they will give consent to receiving further communications later on. This has the potential of turning a one-off customer into a repeat one. Make sure you leave a signup form next to the exit if you run a bricks-and-mortar store.

2. So now that you have all of these names and home (or email) addresses, what do you plan to do with them? If you don’t use them at all it is pointless to even collect them! Start putting out a regular newsletter to keep the dialogue going with them long after they have left your store.

3. If your product or service can be adapted slightly, you should think about offering it on a subscription basis. With a few tweaks, the majority of items can be morphed into a subscription service that will keep customers paying monthly or for one year upfront. Your main goal in business should be to try and develop an ongoing relationship with your customers.

4. Implement gift cards and certificates that can be given as Christmas presents. This works particularly well if you provide a service like sports massage or hairdressing that otherwise couldn’t be given as a gift. It would be easy for you to make some handmade gift cards that couldn’t be duplicated and start offering this to your customers.

5. Make sure that your customers know all about your social media pages. You should place the URL to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and any other prominent social media websites that your company uses on all of your promotional material. If you own a physical store, place actual signs with the web address on and clearly link to these pages from your online shop too.

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