Infographic: White Van Men

Many small businesses rely on so-called “white van men” to do all of their product deliveries and indeed many small businesses such as locksmiths or plumbers consist solely of one entrepreneur in his or her van.

But how much do you know about these people who you see every day, working tirelessly to make sure goods are delivered all across the UK in one of the 2.5 million vans on the road?

Well, firstly, they are called “white van men” for a reason – 95% of them are in fact male. Secondly, you probably shouldn’t refer to them using that term anymore because apparently a third of them find the term rude and insulting. We’re sorry if you are one of the people who take offence!

For more interesting facts about them you can check out today’s infographic or why not share your favourite encounters with White Van Men in the comments section?

Who is the Modern Day White Van Man? – An infographic by the team at M4 Sales

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