Top 5 Tips for Morning Productivity


Nearly half your working day takes place in the morning, but despite this many people accomplish much more in the afternoon than they do in the morning. If this sounds like you, here are our Top 5 Tips for improving your morning productivity:

1. Start planning what you need to do during the next workday as your final task before packing up every day. This will soon become second nature and you should be able to get started on your “To Do” list as soon as you turn the computer on in the morning.

2. Make sure you eat something! An alarming number of people don’t eat anything up until lunchtime and skip breakfast altogether. Your body needs the energy when it has just woken up, especially as your last meal was probably half a day ago.

3. It can be difficult, but do try to move around a bit before starting work to get your blood pumping a bit. If you need to travel to work that should be sufficient, but do remember that if you are a home worker you should ideally do something physical before settling down to work – take the dog out or pop to the local shop for a pint of milk, whatever works for you – rather than rolling out of bed straight into work!

4. For some people, ignoring email and other distractions is the best way of getting as much work done as possible in the morning. Obviously not every job allows you to do this, but if you can stay “off the grid” until the second half of the day it should give you enough time to accomplish what you need to do.

5. When you get to lunchtime, reward yourself for doing well. Try to visualise your goal as you work during the morning, whether it is a big slice of cake you desire or a quick episode of your favourite television show.

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