Infographic: Videos and Ecommerce

It makes sense that if a potential customer is able to see a product they are more likely to purchase it.

Of course, this gives physical retail outlets a definite advantage – but what if online retailers choose to use video to promote their product?

According to research, anyone who watches a video about a product becomes 64-85% more likely to purchase that product. That’s a very high number indeed and proof positive that your small business needs to be committed to promoting your products or services in a visual fashion if you want to be serious about making inroads into the online marketplace.

Today’s infographic contains more online video statistics or – this is a first – you can also watch it in video form if you would prefer!

Click image to see a larger versionOnline Video: What Are The Chances InfographicOnline Video: What Are The Chances Infographic via Wyzowl
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