Infographic: Internships

Invariably, if you decide to embark on an internship it is either to improve your C.V. for the benefit of prospective employers or with the aim of getting a job with the company that you intern at.

Given a choice most people will intern at a company that they admire or wish to be a part of. But it can be very difficult to turn an internship into full-time position simply because it is far more cost effective for most companies to use short-term interns. So what is your best strategy to try and gain employment with the company you intern for?

That’s the question addressed by today’s infographic which has a lot of interesting advice and proven strategies for securing a job as an intern. Good luck!

How to Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig

How to Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Gig [Infographic] by the team at Progressive Business Publications

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