Infographic: Big Data

Big Data is increasingly having an impact on all of our lives. As the amount of data that is being generated continues to expand exponentially, the types of things that we can do with all that information also changes and evolves.

There are so many sources of data nowadays that entire industries and brand new careers are being formed around them right now.

The following is a list of just some of the data sources that now exist: open data (from national statistics, environmental data, law enforcement, sports etc.), social networks (public and private information), the “Internet of Things” (sensory data from inanimate objects that are internet enabled), personal data (healthcare, criminal records etc.) user-generated content (uploaded videos and pictures) and commerce transactions (online and in-person).

How we plan to deal with and manage all this data is a question that many of us are still grappling with and in many areas, the government is clamouring to catch up with the changes. Today’s infographic below has a lot of interesting information and statistics regarding Big Data.

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