Top 5 Tips for Online Publicity


There’s nothing worse than having a small business that nobody has ever heard of. You work hard every day to provide people with a great product or service and yet when you type your company name into Google it doesn’t even get to the front page. Today’s tip column reveals our Top 5 Tips for generating online publicity:

1. If your website doesn’t speak for itself, put together some kind of press pack so that you can quickly fill in the people who matter with everything they need to know about it. This should include any and all technical details about the products and services you provide so that they can easily write about it.

2. Do some research to identify the journalists who really matter in your industry. They don’t necessarily even have to write for large websites with a huge readership because sometimes the people with the greatest authority on a topic are actually quite niche, but all the important people listen to them.

3. When you contact these journalists, first make sure that you are in fact getting in touch with the right people. They will most likely have many enquiries to deal with, so make sure your messages are short and get to the point straight away. It probably wouldn’t hurt to massage their ego a little either!

4. You also need to start interacting with your customers more frequently on social media. Making the dialogue public will draw more people into the discussion and hopefully they will ultimately end up at your website via your social media profile.

5. Try to encourage your customers to leave testimonials or product reviews for you in various places across the internet. Anyone who wants to know more about your product will be interested in what the real people who have bought it in the past actually think of it.

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