Infographic: Social Video

One of the vital components to social media is the proliferation of video.

Many of the most popular viral tweets or Facebook posts contain links to videos. This isn’t a coincidence – people love to watch videos and if they see something that they enjoy, they also want their friends to know all about it too.

YouTube alone accounts for a huge portion of the web traffic because it is currently the second most popular website on the internet. But there are numerous other alternatives that can be used – for example, businesses often prefer to use the premium services of Vimeo to share their corporate videos without having to subject their customers to advertisements.

Your business could also offer live streaming video via Google Hangouts if you really want to connect to your customers and gain real-time feedback. For teaser videos about a new product launch it is a good idea to use services like Vine or Instagram to share short previews and build hype.

For more detail on all of the types of video available to businesses, check out the infographic below.


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