Infographic: Third Wave Technology

The way in which we buy things online is changing. People are increasingly making purchases through interactive televisions and smart devices such as online connected fridges that let you order the groceries you will need.

There is also a trend towards being able to make purchases within an actual store by using in-store technologies such as contactless payment, image recognition or augmented reality. Wearable technology such as Google Glass will likely make these payment methods far more commonplace.

According to research by eBay, by the end of this year these so-called “Third Wave” technologies will be responsible for £2.4bn of the UK sector sales growth. That’s a very large figure, but when you consider how all of these technologies are just in their infancy then the potential for growth in this sector is really quite staggering to imagine.

Check out the infographic below for more information about how buying habits are changing and let us know in the comments if you plan on implementing any of these technologies in your business!


via Retail Week

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