Infographic: Social Media Timings

If social media is just something you do as an afterthought when all your other business tasks are complete, it is not very likely that you are gaining much traction with it.

Different social networks are popular at various times during the day or on different days throughout the week. For example, most people do not check their Facebook page during work hours, so if you are aiming to target people with a job then you need to try and post either just before or after the standard 9-5 hours. Otherwise you will just have to hope that you don’t get lost in their timeline!

It is also interesting to note that Twitter is actually more popular at the weekend than during the week. There is almost no point in your business tweeting between 8pm-8am unless you are addressing a global audience.

If you operate a blog as part of your business, for best results you should have one post per week that goes up at exactly the same time so that people know what to expect from you.

For more interesting stats about social media timings, check out the infographic below.


via PR Daily

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