Boring business may be your big opportunity

Boring business may be your big opportunity

“This is a non smoking flight. All toilets are fitted with smoke detectors as well as cameras for the captain’s personal pleasure. If we catch you smoking we’ll assume you’re on fire and extinguish you…”

These were the exact words of the Kulula Airline hostess as she went through the health and safety briefing ahead of our flight bound for Cape Town. Laughter filled the air and everyone waited expectantly for the next line. We weren’t to be disappointed.

“In the event of the cabin losing air pressure, oxygen masks will drop down from above your heads. And when you’ve stopped screaming,”

she continued without so much as a smirk,

“put on your masks. If you are travelling with a child, put on your own mask first. If you have children, pick a favourite!”

Health and safety briefings on planes are necessary but they have become very routine and repetitive. Recognising an opportunity to be different, Kulula has (at little cost) successfully seized an opportunity to stand-out in a very competitive market.

What elements of your business or industry are routine and repetitive and how might you take a lead by doing something imaginative and different?

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