Infographic: Future Workplaces

The way we work has already undergone a fundamental shift in the past decade, with the emergence of easy internet access everywhere completely altering workspaces or eliminating them entirely.

With this in mind it seems difficult to predict what workspaces will be like in the future, but that is exactly the topic of today’s infographic. So what can we expect?

Well, since teleworking increased by 80% during the period of 2005-2012 we must assume that this trend will continue, especially considering the huge growth in tablet computers and small powerful laptops over the last few years that make it easy to work anywhere.

Open plan office space will most likely become even more popular. Cubicles are becoming less prominent, with a focus on transparency and hospitality instead.

If you want to find out what communication methods and technology we might be using, take a look at the infographic below and leave your predictions in the comments section.

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