Infographic: Extinct Professions

Over the course of the 20th Century there were numerous jobs that became irrelevant and were eliminated by the invention of machines and robotics.

Much of the manual labour that we used to do by hand is now conducted more efficiently with only minor human involvement, but as technology gets even more advanced we are starting to make more professions redundant and on the road to extinction.

For example, how often do you consult a travel agent these days when booking a holiday? And isn’t it easier to just go to a self-service checkout rather than waiting in line to get served by a cashier?

Even new jobs like “social media manager” are rapidly becoming extinct as social media becomes just another part of the job of the marketing team, rather than a specific role.

Take a look at today’s infographic for more information about professions that have recently gone extinct or are on their way out. If you are in any of these jobs, it might be advisable to start thinking about running your own business instead!

10 Professions That Are Becoming Extinct

10 Professions That Are Becoming Extinct [Infographic] by the team at CIPHR

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