Top 5 Tips for Bank Holidays


This weekend is another Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, but unfortunately many micro business owners and self-employed people are not able to enjoy the luxury of taking the workday off. In fact, many of us work every weekend anyway because entrepreneurship is a way of life! This weeks tip column reveals our Top 5 Tips for Bank Holidays:

1. It’s not actually a legal requirement for you to give your employees time off on a Bank Holiday, so if you operate a business in the service industry it would be reasonable for you to expect that at least some of your staff will need to work.

2. For some businesses, Bank Holidays are actually the busiest days of the year so you might even need to consider having more employees on duty than you would normally have at the weekend.

3. Make sure the employment contracts you give to staff are very clear about your position on Bank Holidays within your firm. Anything that allows leeway or room for misinterpretation is only going to cause problems.

4. Always inform staff well in advance about what the plan is for upcoming Bank Holidays, as unexpected surprises will mean having to arrange childcare and changing plans. If you end up forcing staff to work who had already thought they would get the time off you’ll just damage morale and they won’t soon forget it.

5. Lastly, don’t work unless you really have to! The life of a small business owner is very hectic and often more stressful than a normal 9-to-5 job. Use the time with family or just go exploring – new experiences can often reinvigorate and inspire!

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