Boost Your Business with a Bespoke Veranda

Boost Your Business with a Bespoke Veranda

As summer draws to a close, many businesses are tightening their belts in anticipation of lower profits this autumn. The end of summer marks a decline in revenue for businesses for a number of reasons: people are put off by wet, cold weather; parents go out less as they have no children to occupy and keep entertained; many, indeed, are taking the opportunity to save money for the expensive Christmas season and next year’s expensive summer holidays. In order to snare the few who are going out during the autumn and winter months, a business needs something to set it apart from the rest.

Making an eye-catching, elegant addition to your premises such as a veranda is a good idea. But which types of business can best benefit by adding a veranda?

Restaurants and cafés should always offer an outdoor, al fresco dining option, and adding a veranda ensures customers can eat outside whilst protected from the elements. A veranda covering some tables and chairs at the front of a café or restaurant is excellent visual shorthand for passers-by, and could be the difference between folk hurrying past and taking no notice of your business and popping in for a cup of tea.

Having an outdoor space has become increasingly important for pubs since the smoking ban of 2007. Most smokers will only opt for pubs which have an outdoor area in which they can smoke, and during autumn and winter months a pub without one will see drastically reduced income. Certain verandas are now available with heaters, lighting and speakers to improve the experience and ensure customers recommend your beer garden all year round.

Having a veranda installed allows many shops to place a selection of stock outside to attract passers-by without it being susceptible to damage. Having products which potential customers can pick up and examine outside your business (as opposed to in the shop window, which many people have trained themselves to avoid being tempted by) can give it an edge others don’t have.

There’s no end to the benefits adding a veranda to your business premises can bring.

This sponsored article was written in conjunction with 123V, specialists in the design, supply and installation of both domestic and commercial verandas, canopies and carports.

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