A New Space: How Storage is Redefining Business

A New Space: How Storage is Redefining Business

Every so often a business game changer comes along that prompts a rethink on common work flow and logistic methods. Storage may not be top of mind when you think about business solutions, but it can make or break a commercial venture.

How Businesses Have Changed

According to a recent report in the Guardian, the number of self employed in Britain has grown by over 1.5 million in the last 13 years. We’re on track for the title of ‘self-employment capital of western Europe’. Why we have so many self employed is complex subject, but modern technology is part of the answer. We now have:

· Easy Internet access and website setup
· Big name brands giving E-commerce a boost in status and credibility
· Popularity and convenience of online shopping
· Cheap business setup and running costs
· Versatile storage options for stock and documents
· Mobile communications freeing workers from offices
· Online accounting to make bookkeeping simpler

Today’s business owners have boundless opportunities to not only start, but thrive.

Take a Fresh Look at Storage

Go back in time and the small business retailer had two choices when it came to stock storage:

· Take over the garage, spare room or loft
· Shell out for a warehouse

Neither are conducive to successful book balancing or steady, controlled growth.

A third player in the storage field has redefined the concept of flexible storage. Self storage provides a happy middle ground between home and warehouse. Storage companies report that businesses occupy around 42% of their space.

Users are quick to point out the practical advantages:

· No long term commitments
· Low overheads
· Convenient for delivery with easy access for vans or lorries
· Secure, climate controlled environment
· Opening times that extend beyond traditional office hours

And the financial Benefits add up too:

· No business rates to pay
· VAT can be claimed back
· Pay only for what you use when compared to fixed warehouse space that costs the same regardless of use.
· 7-day notice periods so you can rapidly up- or down-size to take advantage of seasonal fluctuations

Levelling the Playing Field

Self storage has opened up the world of commerce to everyone who wants to get started. Big Yellow, for instance, offers large storage lockers to those who don’t need the space of a room. The misconception is that self storage is just for people with large needs, but it’s not true. They also cater for the small retailer with just a few boxes to store.

The depth of service offered by storage facility staff is another field leveller. Many will accept and sign for deliveries, freeing up the time usually spent waiting. Under normal circumstances, it’s impossible to get more done without hiring more staff.

In many ways, the development of self storage options has redefined small business operation. Doors that were once closed are now wide open, creating gateways that earlier entrepreneurs only dream of.

This sponsored post was provided by Drew, who writes for Big Yellow Business Storage.

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