Are you thinking about your business or in it?

Are you thinking about your business or in it?

Why are we even starting a business? Is it passion, are we driven to do something new, or as Steve Jobs put it make a dent in the universe? Start a business, grow it and then do an IPO – world domination next!

For many the reality often has little to do with passion! It has more to do with being a back-office manager, than an entrepreneur – why is that?

In the daily grind we lose our passion and are now driven more by necessity and other secondary business considerations, like accounting and red-tape.

Shouldn’t it be easier to run a business?

I believe it is, if you manage to keep yourself from losing your business focus and with that control of your business.

How do you do that?

You need to think ABOUT your business, not IN your business.

It starts of with having a plan and sticking to it, until you change the plan. Don’t let the plan be changed by circumstance, you need to stay master of your plan.

For this to work you need to take time out, go for a walk and think about your business. Don’t do it in your office and switch your mobile off. If you are really lucky and you have a business mentor, take him/her on this walk with you.

Given the right focus, you will soon work out what you need to do and then the sky is the limit.




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