Businesses Love New Technology

Businesses Love New Technology

Understanding new technology is key for explaining how start-ups grow to become well known brands. These days, it is important for companies to be ‘fresh,’ ‘in cloud’ and, of course, ‘socially connected.

New technologies allow you to spend less money and get more time for running a well operated business. There are some new tools that are commonly used all over the world to gain strategic advantages. These tools are essential for your business:

  • Business Inventory Management is a software that lets you control orders and monitor inventories and supplies.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps to manage information and feedback from customers. It is the most common software for ‘staying in touch with customers.’ This solution is not as fresh now as it was five years ago, but it is a must for every customer oriented business.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used to maintain relationships with a more demanding customer or client base. ERP has developed from the CRM platform and it is the next step in this evolution. It provides further control over the majority of the organisations business information and allows the user to visualize it.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers remote users access to the corporate network. It is a very popular and usable software.
  • Accounting Software provides tools to record and measure costs, sales and profits.

New-TECH for growing your business

  • Point of Sales Software allows you to approach clients in stores and collect informations about them. It is the new way of reaching and connecting to your customers.
  • Cloud is used for all newly developed software. But what is cloud? It is nothing more than a hosted online secure platform.
  • Online Collaboration Software’s allows you to cooperate with colleagues and clients, in real time.
  • Big Data is another way of obtaining more information from a lot of company data. It can be described as a lake full of information, with an excellent fishing platform, which will allow you to extract only the relevant facts.
  • A/B Testing Software is used to test the product or web-page. It is very useful to trial different aspects of your product or service. With this software, it is possible to gather a lot interesting data about your customer on your site.

How to Become the King of the Web?

  • Create a responsive web-page
  • Use the newest trends in design
  • Make your web-page user friendly
  • Ensure that your site is mobile friendly
  • Have the best products worth looking for
  • Stay in touch with your fans

The best add-on for all above platforms can be Voice over IP. VoIP is easy to integrate into existing software and it is the cheapest and most reliable way to communicate in the digital world. This service offers large opportunities for the best usage of voice and data streaming systems.

VOIP is a cloud-based business communications system, created especially for organisations that require professional communication features without owning and managing an on-site telephone system. There is no need to maintain expensive on-site PBX equipment enabling you to focus on your business.

With a VoIPstudio telephone system for your business, internet or VoIP calls are free. It will allow your co-workers to talk to each other without charge. It does not matter if they are in the next room, in a different city or on the other side of the world – they are just one extension away!

This sponsored post was provided by Martin Ozarek at VOIPstudio.

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