Press Release: Better Working Relationships Attract Employees To SMEs

Press Release: Better Working Relationships Attract Employees To SMEs

A friendly atmosphere, having a close relationship with colleagues and bosses, and having a say in the future of the company are key benefits of working in a SME according to new research from Nescafe Alegria and YouGov.

The study which questioned over 1200 SME employees and over 550 SME employers, focused on the advantages of working for a SME and quizzed respondents on what makes them most happy at work.

Friendly colleagues came out on top for most employees (82%) and employers (78%) in terms of providing a positive working environment, whilst 54% of employees and 55% of employers also stated that this was a key advantage of working in a SME as opposed to a larger company.

Relationships seemed to be a fundamental reason why people choose to work for a small company with both employers (54%) and employees (55%) stating that being able to know more of the employees is an advantage over working in a larger company, and almost half (49%) of 18 – 24 year olds employees feeling they have a better social life with their colleagues in a SME.

The importance of working relationships was a consistent theme in the research as 45% of SME employees stated that having a closer relationship with their manager or supervisor makes them happy at work – and 58% employers indicated this as a an attribute that would make their employees happy.

The study went on to find that 31% of SME employers think staff taking coffee breaks provides them with a great chance to catch up with each other and can boost morale, further implementing the importance of relationships in a work environment.

Being able to have more say in what happens in the company was also highlighted as an advantage, however more SME employers considered this important (61%), than employees (41%), indicating that SME bosses may need to work a little on making their employees feel more relevant to their organisation.

Flexible working hours was identified as a positive attribute and a good management structure came out on top with 72% SME employees and 74% employers stating it is important for a positive work environment.

Katrina Webb, Category Manager for Nescafe Alegria, which commissioned the study, commented: “Many SMEs can’t afford provisions such as pensions and gym memberships so we wanted to find out exactly what is attracting so many employees to work for these organisations.

“Our research findings show that a choice of workplace doesn’t just come down to monetary and materialistic benefits these days – we are seeing more people opting for motivational perks and thinking beyond the payslip.

“Better relationships are a key factor in why people are opting to work for a SME, and coffee breaks have been identified as a key opportunity for employees to build upon them. The quality of coffee is important to employees, so by offering them delicious café-style coffees at work that can be made at the touch of a button, employers can reap the benefits – particularly with staff spending less time popping out to buy coffee from a local chain.”

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