Author Stefan Töpfer

Are we all hypocrites?

How often have I complained about our High Street consisting of only coffee shops and charity shops – not that I have anything against charity shops or coffee shops for that matter? Everyone I talk to says it is sad to see all the independent shop owners go and disappear. It is especially poignant when…

How to achieve simplicity in a complex world.

Making it easy for your customers to do business with you is one of the cornerstones of business success. Customers are happy to invest in relationships that promise simplicity in the future, i.e. with their personal data. But what good is all that if that data is then locked away and not available when needed,…

Is Labour saying all small businesses are tax dodgers?

It is so ‘cute’ to see how naive Ed Balls really is – £10 to have your hedge cut? What century is he living in? No wonder we are struggling with the minimum wage. Better yet, he seems to say that most micro and small business owners are tax dodgers. Does he ever consider how…

People do business with people.

I think anyone knows that doing business is often all about personal relationships, especially in the B2B sector and when it comes to substantial personal investments. Not surprising then that building a personal relationship with your new business partner is essential to the final outcome. Find out how to do better in the future.

MYOB vs XERO – War amongst the irrelevant?

It is almost tragic to see the CEO's of MYOB and Xero have a go at one another. They both seem to forget that what they call innovation may very well damage their clients business, at least in my opinion. Using any of these fragmented software solutions vs. an integrated, simplified business software solution, will create IT complexities that are hampering business. So - are you ready to simplify IT?

Cameron to help 500 companies, out of 5.2 million – how fair is that?

Our political ‘elite’ is really struggling to understand the business landscape. This focus on fast-growing companies is short sighted as usual. What counts is the five year mortality rate of businesses, nothing any government has ever done has changed the 50% plus failure rate.

Internet of Things or Does your TV talk about you?

Connecting appliances you use in your daily life to the internet can be a two sided sword, as Chris Matyszczyk (@ChrisMatyszczyk) writes in his article about the fact that Samsung not only records but also shares your conversations with third parties. What is the price of our privacy?

Working from home and in the cloud.

More people than ever are working from home and using cloud computing technology to do so. But as Jacqueline Whitmore, over at the Entrepreneur website writes there is more to working from home than meets the eye. She offers six best practices for working from home successfully and yes she does it herself.

WinWeb CEO Stefan Töpfer on ABC Radio about small business IT.

How can the right business software help a business of any size to succeed with their business objectives? This and how important are micro businesses are for the economy, are the topics of this interview with Australian ABC chat-show host Ryk Goddard. Even micro businesses need to get IT right to succeed with their business…

Are you thinking about your business or in it?

Are you thinking about your business or in it?

Why are we even starting a business? Is it passion, are we driven to do something new, or as Steve Jobs put it make a dent in the universe? Start a business, grow it and then do an IPO – world domination next! For many the reality often has little to do with passion! It…

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