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And the winner is ….. Again!

It was nice to meet Phil Woodgate and some of his colleagues again.My conversations of the evening have been focused around my changing attitude toward the accounting profession, and I was quite surprised to find that most of my conversation partners agreed with me on my assessment of the "backward looking profession" and it's damaging effect on very small business, which has been a constant source of concern for me in the past few years.... I for one, would prefer to live in London, where we can get up in the morning and have a smile about a serious point made the "Boris Way", rather than being embarrassed and upset by an intolerable and arrogant Mayor, who clearly does not understand even the basics of the problems we face in the future, a trait he shares with many in his party, especially when it comes to micro- and small business issues.All in, I enjoyed last evening immensely and thank AccountancyAge for putting up a great show.

Senator John Kerry – Live Chat

Jennifer Lee emailed me yesterday, to tell me about this event:Hello Stefan,I'm writing to let you know that Senator John Kerry, Chair of the U.S. Senate on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, will be live online tomorrow, Nov.... He'll answer questions on health care, tax incentives, entrepreneurial development and other small business issues.

WinWeb Sponsors Accountancy Age Award 2007 For Second Year.

The event is held as last year at the Battersea Park Arena, Battersea, London, in the evening on November 14th, 2007.This award is the most appropriate award for us to sponsor, since - incredibly - we are still the only online accounting software provider, with an ICAEW approval.... Last year our friends at Goodman-Jones won the price, it will be interesting to see who will win it this year, especially as Goodman Jones is shortlisted again:BRALGoodman JonesMorris OwenI wish all the shortlisted candidates good luck and thank those who are not on the list for their great attempts to win the award and hope they will try again next year.I will be presenting the award and look forward to meeting one or two of you at the event.

First Small Business Export Summit in Washington, DC

There is also a great line-up of companies wanting to help those, who are interested in exporting.We used to have separate products called ExportOffice and GlobalOffice, which were especially designed for the very small exporting business, but we learned in time, that our OnlineOffice provided all the needed components as well, so we simply-fied our product offering in this regard.I will not be there since WinWeb sponsors an award at the UK Accountancy Age Awards, Best use of Internet in Practice, I'm committed to present the award in person. But, I'm sending an colleague of mine, Mr. Göran Thorell - should you be around, go and find him and talk to him about your exporting ideas, I'll be blogging about the Global Export Summit again, after the event.I would have loved to go, since I firmly believe the small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtusal assistants is highly under represented in the global market place.Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to see them.

Boomer Small Business Start-Ups on the rise.

Figures released indicate that the average ’silver startup’ will work alone and from home with an average annual turnover of £67,500, and with one in ten turning over more than £100,000.... We all get older and have a much healthier life in older age, so why not do something you enjoy and make a business out of it.I agree with him, with added business support and a small business infrastructure, we could help many more entrepreneurs to be more successful in business long term. As I said so often before, this startup boom is just getting started, we will see much more in years to come, across all age groups.

Small Business Creates America’s Jobs

U.S. Small Business Administration, the Office of Advocacy has just released the latest figures for 2004 on small business activities, and the central statement is:Small Business has added 1.9 Million New Jobs.Other updated profiles show that: In 2006, the nation had an estimated 26.8 million small businesses, of which 6.1 milion were employer firms.Small businesses employed 50.9 percent of the nation’s non-farm private workforce in 2004.America had 1.1 million Asian-owned firms, 1.2 million Black-owned firms, 1.6 million Hispanic-owned firms, 201,400 Native American-owned firms, and 28,900 Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander-owned firms in 2002 (latest data). (Note: cannot be totaled, as business owners chose multiple ethnic and racial categories).Women-owned firms totaled 6.5 million and generated $940.8 billion in revenues in 2002 (latest data).“Small businesses are America’s job-creating dynamo,” said Dr. Chad Moutray, Chief Economist for the Office of Advocacy.

The Small Business Blog Makes The Top 100 Business Blogs

John Crickett compiled a "The Top 100 Business Blogs" list and I'm delighted to see, I made it to position 70 - he says:"......... The blogs are listed in order of their Technorati rankings (T), their Alexa rankings (A) are show as well.

Get Off Those Annoying Mailing Lists!

Web Worker Daily has a piece on getting yourself off those annoying mailing lists, he uses a company called, which is still in Beta and it is free, so definitely something for the regular bootstrapper. This could be a very good service to subscribe too, not sure if it is only for the US or can be used world-wide?

Jason Is Blogging.

As you know I always talk about finding the right accountant for your small business, Jason Holden is one of those accountants. He has started his own blog - Holden Associates Blog - a few days ago, before that he used to blog here.If you are in the UK and are looking for an accountant who will spend time with you planning your small business, he would be a good choice.

Discover Small Business Watch

Measuring the economic confidence of small business owners the Discovery Small Business Watch Report for July 2007 is out, and it makes for interesting reading:Economic confidence among small business owners fell in August as small business owners expressed less confidence in the economic conditions for their business and experienced more cash flow issues.... Small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer-, Professional-, Personal businesses need to implement these techniques to become recession proof.How recession proof is your business?

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