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Introducing :- The Home Business Archive

You must be getting bored with reading my blog, my ranting on about outsourcing, cost-contol, OnlineOffice, bootstrapping, work-life balance and so on. To solve this problem for you, I thought I will now and then introduce a new blog to you. To make things as painless as possible for me, I will have the owners…

Get Small Business Blogging with WinWeb!

Blogging is most certainly the most inexpensive and direct way to communicate with possible customers, you can blog about your products and services; explain certain aspects better;blog about your company and your business mission;blog about your industry, comment on development and differentiate yourself;blog about case studies to do with your product and services.In other words communicate with others on the internet and market your small business.... In the mid-ninties I used to tell people to get a web-site, today a web-site should be standard for any small business and a blog a must if you want to succeed in the future.

Google, am I stupid – or what is going on?

If you search google for " Apple Focus Customer" you get on the first page my post entry about "Learn About Customer Focus From Big Business." Nowhere on my blog page, including the comments, can I find:"I can not say enough good things about Apple customer support."How did that get there?

New Small Business Idea: Be A Niche Authority

This is a fun, flexible way to stay involved and great for any CV should you ever want to go back to work for someone else - although I doubt that very much.Long before you make it into the top 100 blogs of just about anything, you will find people willing to pay you money for ads, white papers, speaking at events, invite you to product launches, etc. - you will be an authority in your field, it's just a question of time and passion.You do not necessarily have to be that good at writing itself (look at me!), use a spell-checker - but be passionate about your topic and people will read your blog and respond. It is the a great feeling to communicate with your readers world-wide.One final point, blogs are being sold like hot-cakes for serious amounts of money these days, do not under estimate the selling potential of a venture like this!So just one question then - what are you an Authority in - tell me, I will read it?

Technorati Broken Again!

It is a shame, that Technorati still has not manage to get things sorted out, it is not working again, and I wonder how long they can go on like this, before everyone just walks away? I emailed them a few days ago about missing links - no reply!They have been missing links for weeks and month!Today my blog is not being updated at all, even after manual ping requests!The service level is bad, and the support level not much better - technorati what is going on?

The Small Business Blog Makes The Top 100 Business Blogs

John Crickett compiled a "The Top 100 Business Blogs" list and I'm delighted to see, I made it to position 70 - he says:"......... The blogs are listed in order of their Technorati rankings (T), their Alexa rankings (A) are show as well.

Say something profound today.

If you can't think of something to say, don't worry - how about this: Based on structural considerations, our physical distribution strategy broaden our horizons tpwards our platform robustness - or this -In the final analysis, performance-based positioning energizes 24/7 architectures.These examples and 40 million more are generated on the MBA Writer web-site by Mike Shor (Humor), he writes:Automatically generate sentences ready for inclusion into your business memos without all of the thinking!!Here you go b*** s*** at the press of a button, you can use it in your memos, emails (or not) it will impress the readers - as long as they don't come back and ask you what that means.

Blog Action Day About Our Environment

I just registered my blog to join in on the Blog Action Day for our Environment - if you have a blog - please do the same.WinWeb will publish it's ClimateByte™ Technology Guidelines - in connection with our software release 3.4 - early next month and we are pleased to be associated with this BLOG ACTION DAY FOR OUR ENVIRONMENT On October 15th, 2007when everyone should post something about green/environmental issues on their blog.Please join us and be part of the solution.... One day.

Why Blogging for Small Business and Business Start-Ups?

It is actually crucial for your small business to understand this trent so you can act on it and actually save some money, by not wasting it on the wrong advertising medium.Your small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer-, Professional-, Personal business, may have the greatest product or service, but if you can not make people find you and your products, your small business and business start-up is in trouble, before you even started.... It does not matter if you work globally or locally, a website and blog is a must, not just a nice to have.A small business blog will help you with the following: providing your small business to interact with your customersgetting real time feedback from your clientsprovide additional information about your business, services and productsget your story told your way, offer some control of public opiniongreat buzz about your businessIt is easy to get a blog with your website hosting company or from WinWeb - you can be up and running in minutes.

Have a nice day!

One for the weekend - had a bad day so-far or yesterday maybe? You should read the Dumb Little Man Blog with todays offering: 9 Ways to Have a Better Day than YesterdayI love the post give it a go - you'll like it!

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