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Small Business Technology News Round-Up – 02/05/2008

Here is this week’s round-up of technology news small business owners may find informative, useful or entertaining:  Companies May Be Held Liable For Deals with Terrorists, ID Thieves – US small businesses must beware of new legislation that may mean they need to vet their customers more carefully A Google Prototype for a Precision Image Search –…

I’ve got a dongle, I’m mobile.

Some of the postings to this blog over the past week have been made using this little device and it helps me utilizing every minute of otherwise useless time on a train or waiting somewhere else. ... More importantly having this kind of technology will improve your productivity in several areas: You can work from anywhere, you can take your work home and be more with your family; it really makes our OnlineOffice even more valuable since it's all online; it makes you and your business more accessible, by providing a better client experience; But don't take only my word for it, go to the 3 mobilebuzz website and see what other people say.

Apple is like Australia.

On our flight back from Australia, fiddling with her PowerBook laptop, my wife said to me out of the blue: “Apple (computers, iPod, IPhone, etc.) is like Australia!” Now here was a comparison I had not heard before. She explained it this way, when ever I want to do something no my computer I think…

Introducing :- The Home Business Archive

You must be getting bored with reading my blog, my ranting on about outsourcing, cost-contol, OnlineOffice, bootstrapping, work-life balance and so on. To solve this problem for you, I thought I will now and then introduce a new blog to you. To make things as painless as possible for me, I will have the owners…

Get Small Business Blogging with WinWeb!

Blogging is most certainly the most inexpensive and direct way to communicate with possible customers, you can blog about your products and services; explain certain aspects better;blog about your company and your business mission;blog about your industry, comment on development and differentiate yourself;blog about case studies to do with your product and services.In other words communicate with others on the internet and market your small business.... In the mid-ninties I used to tell people to get a web-site, today a web-site should be standard for any small business and a blog a must if you want to succeed in the future.

New Small Business Startup Idea: Coworking Space

It may be that you have some spare space in your house, out-building, or you even a whole house, you can't or don't want to sell or rent out, then you could generate income by setting it up as a coworking space, a coworking wiki-site explains it like this:Coworking is cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents.Or, it's like this: start with a shared office and add cafe culture.... Have a look at the website for coworking to get some more ideas.It will be a great place for working, socializing, and getting ideas and help from others.

Twitter, better late …..

It allows you to stay in touch with colleagues and friends while on the move or on your desk.It is an electronic messaging service, that works on the web and on your mobile via SMS - you get charged your standard SMS rates - so if you have an unlimited package, this is a great service. On my new iPhone - I'm an Apple junkie, with occasional supply problems - I can use the ThinCloud web-client for Twitter, thanks to O2 for free, that is really good.It could be a great marketing and networking tool, that is the idea anyway.

New Small Business Idea: Local News Portal

Local news is still harder to come by, but you could change that with this little business start-up idea.You could get some pre-designed portal software, blogging software or a forum to set up your portal and then write about local events, with things like this: Live events - like Live Jazz in the local pub,New Business launch - write about the company, people and products;Evening Classes - anything from cooking to phontography;Club News - what time they meet, run a prifile.For Sale Section - from paperclips to houses and carsYou get the idea, there are many more events you could report about.... Have a look at your local paper that will give you some idea, what people want.It will get you involved in many areas of your community you didn't even know existed, get you out of the house, make new friends and earn you some money - what else can you want.

WinWeb’s Free Accounting Software For Every Small Business.

With our recent launch of OnlineOffice 4, we have kept our promise to supply our online accounting software to every small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer- or Personal business, like professional, contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants free of charge forever.But not only that - lets face it, if you want free accounting software, you could try the open source arena or other suppliers, even Intuit offers a watered down version of their accounting software free of charge - but a whole raft of other benefits can be gained by using our award winning product: Free 24/7 live online support - so when you work after 5 pm, we are still here to help and you do not have to pay for it; All future software updates are free of charge as well, so you will never have to pay for new or updated accounting software; Data backup and security included - while we all know nothing is ever absolutely safe, we back all your data up continuously and our investment in security would be unobtainable for small businesses, because of cost and complexity; All the benefits of online software (SaaS) - means you can access your accounting, write invoices and plan your business from anywhere at anytime. Online technology is eco-friendly - no shipping, no packaging, no manuals (help text in software) and our ClimateByte Technology.All you have to do, is sign up for our free 30 day trail of OnlineOffice, or our free LiveNet and you will have free accounting for your small business, forever.Let's face it, nobody makes any money doing their bookkeeping.

Google, am I stupid – or what is going on?

If you search google for " Apple Focus Customer" you get on the first page my post entry about "Learn About Customer Focus From Big Business." Nowhere on my blog page, including the comments, can I find:"I can not say enough good things about Apple customer support."How did that get there?

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