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Small Business Failure – Reason: Management Control

You can pick and choose what you do work-wise everyday, you can not pick and choose what you should know about and make decisions about - this is your business, not your staffs business - act like it.Am I running my business or is it running "itself"?... When I hire people I always hire people who do something better than I, but you have to stay involved.You can see other reasons for small business and personal business, like contractors, freelancer, self-employed, sole-trader and virtual assistants failures in my Health Check Category, if you can add to this list please do so, I would welcome your comments.

If You Work All Day, You Have No Time To Make Any Money!

His answer was:Remember always, if you work all day, then you have no time to make any money, you are too busy.As you can well imagine, here is was about 20 years old and this guy came out with a statement like this, I thought he was completely mad and insane.... He was talking about having time to have a vision and dream, think about your small business and not about your products, standing back and getting out of the proverbial forrest, so the trees are not in the way.So why not use this weekend, stop working and do some dreaming about what could be - nurture your vision for your small business and see where it takes you.

Cost Cutting for Small Business – Payment Terms

There are two ways to get better payment terms from your suppliers - make sure you know what the pricing is and negotiate the payment terms last, without warning. Most businesses do not expect small business and start-up business, like SOHO-, SME, SMB-, Micro-, Lifestyle-, Home-, DIY-, Hobby-, Boomer-, Professional-, Personal businesses to negotiate payment terms, so you have the element of surprise on your side - and it makes you look more professional.Firstly there is the extended payment term, of 60, 90 and 180 days - see if your supplier will allow any of those terms.

Small Business Checklist: Home Office & Home Business

As part of a bootstrapping exercise or a business start-up phase, working from home is a great way to work, so I thought of some points to consider when setting up your office or small business at home: Cost - you will save a lot of money and be very eco-friendly when you decide not to rent an office, this saving can be used in other areas of your business, like marketing, better web-site or better IT.Family - I suspect that many of you work from home because of your family, it allows you to be around when your kids come home from school or look after relatives, while still earning a living.Commuting - again a very eco-friendly approach and saves money and time.... I use social network communities to linkedIn to build out my professional network, utilizing our online office, skype and other tools to communicate worldwide.More and more of my friends work from home so we have nice "pub-lunches" locally, no traveling, less stress and a much better work/life balance - how is your work/life balance?For more of my checklists see the Small Business Checklists category and as always please add to my list with your comments, tell us what works for you.

Security Alert for Small Business and Start-Ups

Taking the seriousness of this matter into consideration the House of Lordsí science and technology committee published a proposal to protect people against cyber crime and hold start-up-, personal- and small business, and IT security vendors responsible.The proposal focuses on protecting customers data and personal information.... That includes the IT industry and the software vendors, the banks and internet traders, and the internet service providers," said Lord Broers, chairman of the committee.Small businesses, internet services, banks, software vendors and the IT industry need to start taking responsibility for e-crime and protect themselves and their customers against them.

Smart Business Start-Up

Many politicians will have you believe that the current up-rise in personal and small business activity is due to their policies, that is b*** s****, it is due to the greatest platform for entrepreneurial activity the internet and related technologies.Anyone between the ages of 13 (apparently) and 81 (?) can be a first time entrepreneur, and best of all - thanks to the technology available - it: Does not need a lot of capital: bootstrapping and outsourcing techniques allow you to start your business on the side at less than what you spend on a meal out.Only need very little business experience: we live in a time when business processes are rewritten, and much happens online, information, advice and tools are available for free, communities help you to build online networks and make starting easy.So if you ever had a dream or goal in business, now is the time to start, some people make their hobby into a business, others their DIY skills and some even start social businesses for giving someone else a helping hand - the reasons and opportunities are truly limitless.What business would you like to start today?

Big business less flexible than SMALL BIZ

An interesting research study by Mitel indicates that small businesses are more open to adopting flexible working conditions not only for the employees but also for the business owners.... Since the internet can be accessed at any time it really doesnít matter where one is and can log on and make crucial business decisions.Working styles are changing globally and on-demand small business infrastructure is paving the way, not to forget it is more eco-friendly too.

Virtual Assistants provide valuable support to your business.

To you it means savings on your HR expenditure, this helps to keep overheads low.A Virtual Assistant can assist you in the area of his/her specialization, such as market research, credit control, public relations, marketing, payment follow-ups, designing, secretarial services, telephone answering and more. This all comes back to my belief that small business does need a services infrastructure delivered over the internet, so that they can concentrate on developing the business, and do not have all their time taken up by admin tasks.

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