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How Building Better Relationships with Your People and Your Customers Can Deliver Sustainable Growth

I was thinking about what to write today and I couldn’t get my mind off something that I had written earlier in the year as a manifesto across at Changethis.com. This is quite a long post and is mostly the same as the manifesto but it’s message is simple and bears repeating, I believe. However,…

Everybody loves a winner, or … “trusts” a winner.

Internet age businesses need to find a way to be trusted by their prospective clients. Often clients only see a website and never meet anyone personally from a new business they are thinking purchasing from. One way to overcome this barrier is to enter into a business competition. You don’t even have to win, just…

Customers – Small Business Quote of the Day

A small business quote a day keeps you thinking, inspired and entertained. “Everything changes when there is a real customer yelling at you from the other end of the phone.” Percy Barnevik (b. 1941) Swedish former CEO of ABB, quoted in Liberation Management (Tom Peters; 1992) To view previous quotes of the day, click here

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