Let’s talk business, ….SMALL BUSINESS.

Welcome to our new small business blog. We hope you will enjoy our rambling & ranting on the subject of small business.

On this blog we will concentrate on providing an inside to our thinking with respect to self-employment, home businesses and small businesses, the so called micro and small businesses.

Some of the areas will include:

  • Accountants/CPAs, we believe accountants/CPAs should be more then glorified bookkeepers. They are in a unique position to help small business and start-up business to get the financial and business advice they need to survive long term. We will discuss what to look for in an accountant.
  • Banks, they should help you to finance business and NOT overheads. We are going to talk about healthy and unhealthy relationships with your bank.
  • Business Start-Up, how to run a business while you keep your job and test the water, before you jump into business and commit your savings and/or borrowed money. Do you really need a VC before you can earn yourself a good living?
  • Government, why most government help for small business may be a sincere offer, but in reality is nothing but hot air.
  • Marketing/PR, the high tech way to create awareness for your products and services for the small budged.
  • Web-Technology combined with Live! services, changes the business dynamic completely, the “In & Out” of on-demand technology and why it helps you.
  • Outsourcing & Virtual Assistants, the technology driven way to timeshare professionals and keeping you overheads down.

Let us know what you think and let’s talk business, ……SMALL BUSINESS.

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