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TechTIP: Free Software

Anything to do with IT and related issues in a non-geeky way.First up I give you some links to software download sites where you can look at software from commercial vendors, and from free or shareware vendors.... If you know of any more sites please leave a comment for me and my, is one of them, you can find software in all kinds of categories and for Macs and Windows, even your palm, is my personal favorite download site.

Have you got what it takes to be your own boss?

It is not enough just to want to escape that boring job or unfair boss, you need to be committed to your business and to earning enough money to support yourself and your family.Can you work hard enough?... Here is a couple of things you need to think about before committing yourself: You need to get enough money to last for minimum double the time you think, without income.

SaaS Benefit Number 4: Anywhere @ Anytime.

BTW, you can find a link to the previous posts in this series at the end of this post.Benefit Number 4: You can access all your data and your applications worldwide, or in other words Anywhere @ Anytime.This enables very small business to stay in contact with their "office" almost all the time.... If you are interested to discuss this topic in more detail please visit, or leave a comment.Links to the other posts in this series:SaaS Benefit Number 1: No Software InstallationSaaS Benefit Number 2: Software runs on Linux, Mac and WindowsSaaS Benefit Number 3: Free Software UpgradeSaaS Benefit Number 4: Anywhere @ Anytime.

SaaS for Very Small Businesses – Show Me the Money

Recently, in SME / SMB Have Become Obsolete Acronyms I discussed how now, that business software and services have become affordably available to small businesses, the SME term has become inadequate to describe this market, especially from the software industry's point of view. Simply because the needs of a $100M company, which SAP and Oracle…

Accountancy Age Awards 2006 – Best Use of Internet: Practice

We believe the accountant in todays networked business world has a much larger role to play, by providing business advice and financial controller services to their clients on an ad hoc basis.This provides micro and small business with real time and on-demand expertise on a scale not seen before. Because of cost constraints, this client sector has always been the most demanding and difficult area to work in. By use of technology and practice expertise it is possible to provide a small business infrastructure not seen before, and with that a decline in small business mortality.We are here to celebrate those practices, large or small, who have shown the foresight and innovative spirit to enhance client success by internal and external client based internet technology use in practice.We are delighted to sponsor practices who share our vision and determination to make use of technology for a healthier and more vibrant entrepreneurial business infrastructure.

Service Notification: Planned Maintenance 31.05.2006 – ID. 22152

As a reminder, overnight between the hours 20:00 hrs on 31st May 2006 and 06:00 hrs of the 1st June 2006 we are adding new connections to increase the bandwidth and resilience to our network and a second live router.Reason: The second core router is added to enhance data thru-put and network resilience, by distributing our connections to our current four upstream providers onto two core routers.... At the same time we are adding another upstream to further enhance our network performance.Effect: In the early morning hours of the 1st of June, our connectivity will go up and down for about two hours and due to the changes in our routing you may experience slow service or even "host unreachable" messages for up to eight hours (routing update time) after that.

Business Advisor Accountant: Jason Holden

There is so much to know, from what structure you take, are you better as a limited company or sole trader, what about a bank account, which bank should you use, what records do you need to keep and for whom are they being kept, what insurances do you need, the list of questions goes on, but the best part for me is new start-ups are like a sponge they soak up new ideas and I find more often than not they teach me new things!”And I must say from what I can see he is very successful with what he does. Jason also is a guest author here on my blog so you can find more advise from him here on my blog, here are some of the posts:Business advisor facts (not fiction)Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an accountant)Blogging for small business, not convinced, read on …It is good to see that more and more accountants are ready to offer a much needed service to their clients, business advice.

Business advisor facts (not fiction)

I am one of over 200 business advisers around the UK that on a monthly basis contributes to the UK Business Barometer which is an online business survey conducted by The University of Nottingham.It’s hard for a new business to get going, and there is always conflicting information out there, from a mate down the pub to the accountants/business advisor that wants paying, so I thought I would share a few of the most recent finding of the barometer with you.Only 11.3% of advisers are not advising clients to take advantage of the various Government incentives such as online filing for year end payroll returns for small employers, which for the tax year to 5 April 2006 was worth £250 tax free! Just make sure your advisor isn’t one of the 11.3%!In the 3 months ended March 2006, 47.4% of advisers had seen an increase in clients seeking their advice, this is good news, people running their own business seeking advice rather than listen to their mate in the pub!Even better news, 31.1% of advisers have seen an increase in the number of people wanting to start their own business, just remember if you are starting a new venture get professional advice!And for those thinking about starting up for the first time, a whopping 85.9% of adviser expect client business failure rates to be 10% or less, maybe this has something to do with the increase in clients seeking professional advice?For all those ladies looking to start in business go for it, you are certainly not alone, there has been a 27.5% increase in women seeking advice.

WinWeb’s AccountsOffice Reviewed On AccountingWeb

While Nigel found the our AccountsOffice easy to use he had found some niggles: There’s a glitch in the drop-down menu system – blue drop down data entry boxes in, eg, ‘Suppliers: pay a bill’, interfere with the main drop down menu – they just block it out - which could be a problem on screens with lots of these, such as the itemised sales invoice creation screen.... And for an online system, I was disappointed at the lack of drill down facilities, not just from the initial summary page, but also from reports – would it really have been that difficult to create a hot link from, say, the aged debtor report to the underlying debtor account and invoice details?We have taken some of these niggles on board and are changing these as I write this.

Wiki Could Have Saved School $250K

Here’s an interesting story from the US: "At Cobb County school system in Georgia a spam filter is causing a political dust-up. Officials say a bid to provide telephone services to the system was gobbled up by the filter, and the bidder was subsequently disqualified, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The term…

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