The Internet – a supermarket or a business tool?

The influence of the Internet on business is changing almost daily. Not only do more companies build their own websites, but they start to understand how to improve communication. Still, too many people consider the Internet as an additional advertising platform or sales channel. Of course, the World Wide Web can perform these functions, but a much more important prospect is often overlooked.

Think about it. You are used to working with the computer. Now you also have a mobile phone, so you can be reached anytime. The next step is a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which allows you to carry data and in formation without having to carry a laptop. The trend is already visible: Access to vital business information anytime, anywhere. The Internet seems the ideal platform to achieve this goal. The benefits are clear:

  • Data accessible and editable anytime, anywhere
  • Data constantly backed up in remote location
  • Integrated online tools avgoiding data duplication
  • Sharing of data between multiple users
  • 24 hour access to data for customers and suppliers
  • One interface for all your communication

With the speedy development of mobile phone technology it will very soon be possible to access all your business intelligence not only through a PC but also through your phone or PDA.

Winweb OnlineOffice was designed to use the flexibility and accessibility of the Internet for business intelligence. Your small business can now benefit from a sophisticated IT system without the cost of setting up your own in-house solution.

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