SaaS Makes Open Source Software Usable.

Open Source is said to be geeky. It certainly can be difficult to install and setup for the normal enduser. The open software scene was always belittled by the established vendors as not commercial enough to succeed, and because of it’s user unfriendliness.. But the development scene is slowly changing.

More and more open source software projects are being set up to develop web based applications. While this does not mean that it is any easier to install and setup, it open now possibilities for SaaS – Software as a Service providers.

The software is installed on the SaaS providers server and by the technical team of the provider. Now the enduser “consuming” the software online is removed from the geeky process and can use the software as a normal user.

A halfway point is the consulting firm which installs and maintains the open source software for a client, this way the software is free and only the consulting and maintenance part is to be paid for. But even this service can end up costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds, putting it out of reach for small business.

SaaS providers offer the install, maintain and usage part for a small monthly fee. Open source software is now within reach of the small business community. This creates a much better value proposition for enduser.

Combining Open Source and SaaS – Software as a Service will challenge the established software industry and even put one or two vendors out of business. Now the problem for the “boxed” vendors is that they are too commercial.

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