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What legal entity is right for your business?

The first thing I want to make clear here is, the legal entity cannot be decided by just reading this bite sized post, you need to seek professional advice, at which point it will be discussed with you in more detail. The legal status your business takes maybe decided by what industry you are working…

Selecting professional advisers to partner you

This I realise is not as easy as it first sounds. When starting your own business you are faced with a multitude of decisions; decisions that without the right players on your team can seem overwhelming. Remember selecting the right advisors to partner you can eliminate a host of problems and potentially costly errors. Take…

Developing Support Networks for a Small Business

Have you ever thought about: Who looks after your computer when it breaks down? Who do you speak to when needing financial advice? Who advises you about particular software to use, or where to get your printing done? Once you have started your business, it is a good idea to build a support network as…

Ask Your Customers.

You can talk to them and make notes, sent them a questionnaire, or you could have them vote on aspects of your service / product."Take Polls.... I think for small business, there should be a different tag-line: See What Your Clients Think - To Keep Your Business Client Focused!You can see the Vizu applet in action in my sidebar, please vote.

Business Start-Up Organiser

I just have been browsing the Business Link website and found another useful tool, the Business Start-Up organiser.Here you can answer some simple questions and the website will produce a checklist of things to decide or do for you to get started. I have played with it myself and think it really helps to focus on the things you need to consider.

Simple products, fast break-even!

Andrew over at trizle has a great and very relevant question today: "Should you build that million dollar product if you’re starting up?".... A business that is making money, elegantly or not, builds credibility in the eyes of suppliers, customers, and employees, as well as self-confidence in the entrepreneur.This all expresses the simple business truth, small steps, simple products, niche markets, and low overheads.

The Value of Keeping Your Accounting up to date

If you're like me you use your credit card online to purchase domain names, update software, purchase new software or online services, buy the odd book here and there, and so on. The convenience of buying online just makes things happen faster – and we're in a time where everyone wants things now. I received…

Start Up Guides, Part 1 – What you should do before you start

It may be better to start off while still employed or if this is not an option at the very least have a well written and realistic business plan that you can present to your friendly bank manager when you ask for those start up funds. ...I referred briefly to doing a business plan in point three above, this is so very important, there is a saying, ‘no one plans to fail but they do fail to plan’, don’t fail to plan, do a business plan.Even in a simple plan you will at the very least need to identify:a) where you are nowb) where you want to be in 12 months timec) where you want to be in five years timed) How you get from a to b to cThe plan will once written need to be refined not only as your business progresses and changes but also as the market place and competition changes.Remember, although starting your own business can be hard work and very stressful it can also be very rewarding.Legal Disclaimer:The information contained in this blog site is of a general nature and is not a substitute for professional advice.

Homeworking Myth And Scams!

You ever got spam email telling you you can earn thousands from home with little work, etc., etc., well here is what Homeworking .com has to say about that:There is so much misinformation about working at home. So many signs on lamp posts or in newspapers screaming out and saying you can earn 100-1000 per week for just half an hour work a day!

Tax Deadline Email Alerts for UK Businesses

Business Link has a great Tax Deadline tool for small business in the UK.

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