June 2006
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Day June 9, 2006

Protect Our Internet – It is OUR Net!

Last year, the phone and cable companies convinced the Federal Communications Commission and the Courts to change how the Internet is operated, making a few unelected officials responsible for a decision with billions of dollars of impact for millions of Internet consumers.

The Web Is The No.1 Information Media – That IS important to you.

[...]In my mind, you have to engage with the internet on several levels, your website should be the starting point and then you begin to add features like: Feedback Forms, so clients can let you know what they think on a basic level;Newsletter Sign Up Form, so you can communicate news to your clients;Discussion Forum, this allows you to have a online discussion with clients about your products / services;Blog, this is another way to engage your clients in conversation;Wiki, another great way to collaborate with clients online;Live 24hr Support Chat, to allow for real time problem solving.All these are essential, if you are to engage with your clients as business partners.... By taking a very small business infrastructure approach, with WinWeb OnlineOffice, you can offer all these services to your clients out of the box.Treat your clients as what they are, your most important business PARTNERS.

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