Ask Your Customers.

In a earlier post I said you should pay your clients. This centers around my believe that any organisation should be customer driven, certainly very small business. Getting new customers can be a very time consuming and expensive undertaking. Keeping your current customers happy and finding out what it is they like about your service / product, is paramount. You can talk to them and make notes, sent them a questionnaire, or you could have them vote on aspects of your service / product.“Take Polls. Make Polls. See What The World Thinks.” is Vizu’s tag-line. I think for small business, there should be a different tag-line:

Keep Your Business Client Focused – See What Your Clients Think

You can see the Vizu applet in action in my sidebar, please vote. You can also sent your applets out by email, so you do not need to integrate it into your website, you could use it also in your newsletter. It is free to use and I like it so much that we made it part of our up and coming (next week) new AccountsOffice and OnlineOffice release 3.2, see Resources –> Tools.

Vizu will definitely help you to find the answer, but one problem still remains:

Do You Know The Question?

Here I am asking you, my clients:

Do you know a great online business tool for very small business? Then let me and others know by leaving a comment, we will all thank you for that.

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