Selecting professional advisers to partner you

This I realise is not as easy as it first sounds. When starting your own business you are faced with a multitude of decisions; decisions that without the right players on your team can seem overwhelming.

Remember selecting the right advisors to partner you can eliminate a host of problems and potentially costly errors.

Take the world cup and the various national teams, any of the coaches will tell you having a first rate goal scorer (namely you) won’t guarantee a wining team without having a first rate line of defence. The right accountant, business advisor or solicitor is your defence. It is their expertise that can help you save money that in turn can be used to increase your profits.

Remember, when selecting the expertise of an advisor you want a specialist that meets your specific needs, whether this is industry experience or specialist skills that will help you raise finance.

Above all, you want an advisor who will listen to you and what you want and in return someone who you can and will listen to as they devise strategies to help you succeed.   

Don’t use the first name in the Yellow Pages or the one with the biggest advert, ask around, speak to your friends and colleague in business and ask them if they would recommend their advisors, if not then contact at least three who are professionally qualified and arrange a meeting with them and interview them, yes interview them, if you are going to pay them at least make sure they are your best line of defence!

Remember my earlier posting, 'Not all accountants are created equal (how do you choose an accountant)' (, now is a good time to revisit this posting before you select your advisor.

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