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Book-keeping requirements – Start Up Guides – Part 7

Okay, I know this is the least favorite part of running your own business, having to keep ‘the books’. As a practicing accountant I can also say it is my least favorite part when a client turns up with records that are in a mess, and as a result of sorting this mess out, I…

Honey and mustard salad dressing

Okay, I know this looks like the heat has got to me, but I was just talking to a client about market share, or lack there off, and the lack there off came down to customer perception and company profile (read as outward appeal). So, I made a remark, ‘it’s just like which honey and…

Be careful what you blog about …

Previously I have mentioned the benefits of a blog, today I am going to point to a potentially huge downside. On Wednesday 19 July the BBC ran a story on it's website about a British secretary who was sacked by her bosses for having a blog. The blog is petite anglaise and is her online…

Funding your business – Start Up Guides – Part 6

Once you have decided you are starting a business you need to think about money to fund the business venture and how you are going to get it. In this, the sixth part of our start up guides we look at the more common types of funding you will come across. You may need money…

What is a blog?

It struck me today when talking to my younger sister that there are still a lot of people who don't know what a blog is. I then saw what Graham had posted on his blog about the differences between a blog and a 'static' website, I won't reproduce what he has to say, but please…

Working Virtually

The idea of having virtual support provided to a business owner takes a bit of getting your head around, especially when the idea is new to you. I meet people via the phone or via face-to-face networking every week who ask me how can this be done? They just cannot imagine how it might work.…

Registering your business – Start Up Guides – Part 5

A major task for any new business is to ensure it is registered with the various government departments, this is one area I find a lot of new clients fail to do, mostly through a lack of knowledge, but sometimes through a fear of red tape and paperwork. The aim of this part of the…

Stuart Jones – a professional hero

Anyone who reads my blog knows I have a soft spot for Stuart Jones. His practice is in Cumbria, an area beset with economic problems but Stuart fights his clients' corner and regularly takes local bureaucract to task. Yesterday, he demonstrated how he adds value to clients. In one case: value to client: £5,932. Fees:…

Bollywoodbay – its a story of ebay meets east

I looked around me and I was surrounded and fascinated by the wonderful, colourful women adorned in Indian attire, right down to the very last bindi! I was mesmerised by how beautiful everyone could look, the time, effort and planning taken to get everything right, not over looking anything.What an idea to be able to have all this and much more at a click of a button ……?’And so Renu had the concept of her new venture, Bollywood Bay, I guess essentially its An Asian version of eBay.

Evenlode Network of Accountants new WinWeb Partners

The group has currently about 18 members in 18 locations.The Evenlode Network was founded by a group of independent practicing accountants who were looking for an association to provide support for their growing businesses on an informal basis with the emphasis on mutual assistance. As we approach our July 15th deadline for free bronze membership, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all firms of accountants who have had the insight and fore-sight to take us up on our free membership offer and support us and our clients with their invaluable service.

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