Honey and mustard salad dressing

Okay, I know this looks like the heat has got to me, but I was just talking to a client about market share, or lack there off, and the lack there off came down to customer perception and company profile (read as outward appeal).

So, I made a remark, ‘it’s just like which honey and mustard salad dressing you choose when shopping as Tesco’, well as you can imagine this stunned my client into silence for a few moments, after which, he asked what the hell I was going on about, and was the heat too much for me?

I then explained, while out shopping at the local supermarket last weekend with my wife, I was informed we needed Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing, so over to the isle with all the various salad dressings we went and I duly picked one up, I realised from the face being pulled at me my wife did not approve, she said she didn’t like the look of the contents and picked a different make.

I only read the label, it had inside what we wanted, but she was right, upon looking at the content of the glass bottle it did not look as appetizing as the other, it probably needed a shake and I am sure it would have tasted very nice, but it did not on first inspection look attractive.

The same can be said about you and your business when potential customers look at you.

If you don’t look like the kind of business they want to deal with they won’t try you out and see, they will move on.

People often go on first impressions, whether it’s your website, the premises you operate from, your stationery, your receptionist when she answers the telephone, even down to the way you dress, yes all these things matter when you are trying to grow a small business.

So remember, it’s all about the Honey and Mustard Salad Dressing …

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