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Recognising an advisor

Jason Holden has been saying plenty about how to select an accountant who will be an advisor but there's one thing he misses in my opinion. Language. Let's say you're a builder. When talking to your advisor, would you expect him/her to know what a reduced level dig is about and the cost implications on…

CharterGroup new WinWeb Partner

annual turnover.Following a presentation on WinWebs Small Business Infrastructure, the group decided to white label our AccountsOffice and OnlineOffice products and offer it to the members clients, using the groups website. WinWeb can offer it's clients over 300 WinWeb Business Advisor Accountants in over 90% of post code areas in the UK.We are currently working on our interactive accounting partner locator.

Cash planning and forecasting – Start Up Guides – Part 4

I am sure you have all heard the expression CASH IS KING; well this has never been truer than in business.  The lifeblood of any business is its ability to collect its debts and pay its bills, employees and ultimately you as the owner. There are many small businesses that are profitable, but they can…

The eight traits of entrepreneurship

This recent article from Cobweb Information Ltd caught my eye so I thought I would reproduce it for everyone. The one that interested me most was Cameron Johnson, I wonder if there are any accountants out there advising nine year olds on how to run their business? A US journalist-turned-author reckons there are just eight traits essential…

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