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What next….

For the last 3 months I have given you some bite sized guidance and advice on starting a new business. From what you should do before you start through to dealing with business taxation. I hope I have helped you understand some of what is required when starting a new business, and for those of…

Entrepreneurial ideas

How many of you have thought ‘if only I had thought of that’ when you see the latest entrepreneur with his latest business idea or invention in the press. Well, I think I have cracked it, I have found a site that brings some of the latest entrepreneurial ideas to your screen, the site is…

Business taxation – Start Up Guides – Part 10

Business taxation – depending on what structure you opted for you will eventually have to deal with either income or corporation tax. There is not enough time or space for me to cover all the tax implications and ramifications of a new or existing business in this our tenth bite-sized Start Up Guide. I will…

Dealing with Payroll – Start Up Guides – Part 9

Like it or not if you are going to employ staff Payroll is something you are going to be faced with, how you deal with it is up to you, you may opt for the DIY route or you may use the services of a professional. This bite sized guide is for those of you…

New Zealand – New Thinking.

And sometimes the failure may be "catastrophic" for your business model, that does not mean it has to catastrophic for you.Once you include the possibility of "failure" in your business model, and act accordingly, you will not really FAIL.... If New Zealand can find a way to teach their entrepreneurs to succeed with their "failures" and maintain a happy life-style, an ecologically sound and socially tolerant business environment, the whole world could benefit.

AccountsVision + WinWeb = WinWeb AccountsVision

Should any of our Partner Accountants wish to use the software beforehand, on a regular .csv or manual basis, please let Rachael know.What I enjoyed even more about our discussion, was the near 100% alignment of our vision for the future. Here are some cornerstones of our joint venture: We will jointly work on SaaS offering around AV, with a beta by the end of the year; AccountsVision will leverage the WinWeb platform for these SaaS developments; WinWeb will leverage AccountsVision knowledge in this area; AccountsVision will offer more and more applications around the accountants practice, i.e. Company Secretary tools with online filing, automatic tax return generation and online filing, and so on....; WinWeb will concentrate on the client side of things, with enhanced AccountsOffice, launch of AccountsOffice Lite ( in testing as I write ), online filing, enhanced cash flow and business planning tools, etc.It is not often that one can find a partner, which fits in so perfectly with our own development focus.


Haggle, I like this site, this is a website that encourages us all to ‘Join the wealth preservation society’. From a Business Advisers view point this is a great business idea, Steve Dixon the founder of Haggle had one of those Eureka moments, after spending his valuable time searching the Internet for family and friends,…

Talking in tongues

It’s interesting that at the moment there are a lot of discussions going on about ‘speaking’ a common language in business. Dennis is discussing recent posts by others concerning Business and IT not speak the same language, meanwhile Stefan is talking about big business such as BT not being able to get his business phone…

I could not say it better….

Framing it in terms of whizzy new technologies leaves business people cold, and gets us nowhere.I think not only does it leave business people cold, they do not understand it and that creates business barriers.And that is exactly what I mean when I say small business needs BSI - Small Business Infrastructure.... But all this talk about bits & bytes is not only not very helpful, but also counterproductive from the software vendor point of view.We need to look a business processes and then apply the best technology and not the other way around.

BT – Bringing things together NOT!

Two ISDN-2e lines (four channels) down and they can not do anything for three days?!The people I spoke to had no help to offer, I had to ask them to divert all my calls to my mobile, they had to find out if that was possible!?!... How do you ROI the services from a supplier like BT!Can I ask anyone who knows me and has skype to email me their skype details!BTW, all you BT people out there I would love to hear from you on this blog.

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