Haggle, I like this site, this is a website that encourages us all to ‘Join the wealth preservation society’.

From a Business Advisers view point this is a great business idea, Steve Dixon the founder of Haggle had one of those Eureka moments, after spending his valuable time searching the Internet for family and friends, as so many of us do, looking for those bargains he thought:

"You should make them do it for themselves or charge them"

Well like all good entrepreneurs Steve had a Eureka moment and acted on it.

Then came the reality, the idea is simple, but still none the less fantastic, but next came the implementation, now here we are not talking about worrying has he registered with the Revenue etc, we are talking the thought his idea could cost millions to implement, and this is what forced Steve, reluctantly, to shelf his Eureka moment, but only for a short time.

Again, it was another realisation that brought Haggle4me.com in to being, Steve realised he didn’t need premises and staff to fulfil his dream, what he needed to do was to provide a venue for people to meet and haggle, and now you have Haggle4me.com.

Go on, take a look at the site, read Steve’s own account of how Haggle came into being, and meet the people behind this venture, and if you get bitten by the bug, Haggle.

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