I could not say it better….

Dennis has a interesting post about ROI ( Return on Investment), but what I really liked is this statement apparently by Prof. Andrew McAfee:

Business and IT have to speak a common language, which means that IT has to learn to ’speak business.’ I advocate framing the conversation in terms of capabilities delivered by IT. Framing it in terms of whizzy new technologies leaves business people cold, and gets us nowhere.

I think not only does it leave business people cold, they do not understand it and that creates business barriers.

And that is exactly what I mean when I say small business needs BSI – Small Business Infrastructure. It should be our aim to reduce barriers and red-tape, especially for small business. But all this talk about bits & bytes is not only not very helpful, but also counterproductive from the software vendor point of view.

We need to look at business processes and then apply the best technology and not the other way around. A real dialogue is needed, and for this conversation we need to “speak business.”

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