Talking in tongues

It’s interesting that at the moment there are a lot of discussions going on about ‘speaking’ a common language in business.

Dennis is discussing recent posts by others concerning Business and IT not speak the same language, meanwhile Stefan is talking about big business such as BT not being able to get his business phone system (read as this is needed to earn my living phone system) up and running for several days.

Emily at Cannon Moorcroft has also entered the debate on how accountants need to speak a language the client can also understand, I guess this means some need lessons in ‘English for accountants 101’.

Over at the OMB blog Graham Salmon is talking about ‘Financial indiscipline’ in which he recounts tales of old clients who through a lack of understanding the importance of financial discipline are no longer in business, in fact Graham goes on to say out of the old client list only 5% of those clients are still in business today, yet there was in fact no reason this figure should not have been at least 25%, ‘Financial indiscipline’.

Again this ‘Financial indiscipline’ is another case of language, and how we all need to work harder to find a common language when doing business together, whether this is the IT company supplying their end users, or the accountants when talking to their clients, we all need to ‘speak a common language’.

Some of us do try to speak in plain English, but at times we too can go off into the deep end when trying to explain something to a client and in doing so giving them far too much information which can leave the client wondering what’s hit them.

You never know though, if enough people out there keep striving to speak less in tongues and more in plain English we may just get there.

Keep checking back with Graham, it will be interesting to see his review of products on the market to help OMB owners with their ‘Financial indiscipline’, I hope to see the WinWeb solutions mentioned Graham.

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