AccountsVision + WinWeb = WinWeb AccountsVision

Following our recent agreement, Steve Checkley and I had our first working meeting yesterday. He surprised me by showing me the first customised parts of AccountsVision for WinWeb. I am happy to present:

We developed our WinWeb API just in time. We will have a fully integrated version of WinWeb AccountsVision sometime in November. Should any of our Partner Accountants wish to use the software beforehand, on a regular .csv or manual basis, please let Rachael know.

What I enjoyed even more about our discussion, was the near 100% alignment of our vision for the future. Steve worked in practice for many years, and is passionate about helping accountants to safe time and making their daily tasks more productive.

It is in this framework, that we will work together, and I am sure Steve will help us to improve our AccountsOffice from an accountants point of view. I am looking forward to his input. Here are some cornerstones of our joint venture:

  • We will jointly work on SaaS offering around AV, with a beta by the end of the year;
  • AccountsVision will leverage the WinWeb platform for these SaaS developments;
  • WinWeb will leverage AccountsVision knowledge in this area;
  • AccountsVision will offer more and more applications around the accountants practice, i.e. Company Secretary tools with online filing, automatic tax return generation and online filing, and so on….;
  • WinWeb will concentrate on the client side of things, with enhanced AccountsOffice, launch of AccountsOffice Lite ( in testing as I write ), online filing, enhanced cash flow and business planning tools, etc.

It is not often that one can find a partner, which fits in so perfectly with our own development focus. Together we will offer solutions for entrepreneurs and accountants alike to reduce accountant time spend on worthless IT tasks and free this time for active involvement in clients businesses to reduce mortality rate and increase business success.

Just to clarify, all Silver Partners and Gold Partners will get WinWeb AccountsVision ( Standard Edition ) FREE with their annual partnership, for all Bronze Partners we will subsidise the product by over 60%, from £ 379.00 (+VAT) to £ 150.00 (+VAT).

It is our relationship with our Accountant Partners and Solution Partners in connection with our online technology, forming our Small Business Infrastructure, that sets us apart from our competition, and represents our value model.

UPDATE: Read more on this story on @ Steve’s blog.

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